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My name is Dominique LaCroix. I am so thrilled that you are here. This means you’re searching and looking for help because you’ve decided to do something about how you feel, or because you're not pleased with the results you’ve been getting. I know what it feels like to feel stuck, discontent, disappointed, unhappy, or just plain unsatisfied or frustrated with where you are in your life. Most often than not, there are limiting beliefs, limiting habits, or unreasonable fears that have put a lid on your wellbeing, and on how much you can achieve. They are called the personal “success blockers”. I know this because I was in your shoes and I had them too, but I don’t anymore. Curious? Keep reading…

I have used and still am using the services I am offering you on this site. I have found  healing through a few days of full immersion into deep hypnotic states, allowing me to relive and reprogram specific events through a series of regressions in time. The combination of coaching with hypnosis have allowed me to feel inner peace towards my past, overcome my own limitations, and gain momentum in my career and business life.  

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"People usually come to me when everything else has failed, and I help them avoid more time-consuming and disappointing therapies!"