If you had the opportunity to have known me about 5 years ago, or prior, you will see that you are now being reintroduced to a new and improved version of myself. Six years ago, I was stuck in a dead end job. Not that it was a bad job; it wasn’t even a job, it was a profession. I was a schoolteacher, so it was a respectable profession that I had grown to love, but through which I felt like a squirrel spinning on a wheel. I was working more and more as the years were going by, but didn’t have anything to show for it, other than the satisfaction of seeing my “kids” learn & blossom year after year, and being able to pay my bills, and make my monthly payments. My soul was lacking something in a big way. I felt trapped, as if I was wasting potential, as if I could do more. I needed to grow and expand badly, but the life style I was stuck into (working, raising & supporting 2 kids on my own) prevented me from doing so, and so my body reacted badly. Anticipating sick leaves had subconsciously become part of my long term planning. Also having recovered from cancer, but left with a physical condition as a result of it, the work became more and more strenuous as the expectations and demands of the teaching profession grew.

“My appointment with my client is coming up soon, so I better start preparing so we can have the most valuable session possible…” and such is my thought process as I reach out to the dining room table, where I am convinced the bundle of papers I need should be. I stare at the table, then move things around a bit, and to my surprise, realise they appear to be missing. I tell myself: “Oh, they’re not there!” – I then walk up to my office, where they must be, but look on my office desk and see they are not, so I tell myself: “Oh, they’re not there either!” – I go down to my study to see if I may have left them in there, scan the room, and tell myself: “No, not in here!” – I then do a quick walk through of all the rooms in my house, looking for a bundle of papers gone missing, with not luck. Everywhere I looked, they were nowhere to be found, so each time, I’d just say: ”Nope, not in here!” So I go back to the dining room table where I’m quite sure I had them last, and go through the binders and books that are spread all over the place, but you have guessed right: “No papers!” Being a hypnotist, I know “exactly” what is happening, so I stop the search, let it go and, unnerved, I go about another task I had to do. I’m not worried because I know I will find them the next time I need them. When I did look for the papers later on, I told myself before starting: “They are there. They just are!” Convinced, I open this one binder, and voilà! They are right there, between my well-organised content, just as predicted.

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