What is Coaching?

There is often confusion about the terms: counsellor, coach, and mentor. Clients sometimes will approach a coach expecting to be counselled, or given a “recipe to follow”. This is not the case in Coaching. Let me clarify what the major differences are:

Counsellor: Services are past-focused & problem-focused, works towards emotions, gives advice and recommendations – The counsellor has the answers

Coach: Services are future-focused & solution-focused, works towards outcomes, does not give advice – The client has the answers

Mentor: This is a blend of counselling and coaching, during which an expert shares his or her wisdom, and may also advise, based on experience – The mentor has suggestions

This being said, I may ask you permission to teach you something, or mentor you, if I believe you could benefit from it. My approach to coaching operates from the inside out. We unlock potential, and turn it into performance by addressing your entire life; the focus being on fulfillment, balance, and process. I ask explorative questions that inspire reflections, and motivate you to become more intentional about your daily living. You are empowered by becoming aware that your answers are lying within yourself. Through coaching, lasting change is created by increasing resourcefulness, reinforcing responsibility, and creating greater accountability…because we’re in this together!!

Still debating whether or not you want / need a coach?

Imagine a relationship totally focused on YOU, being with someone who is fully listening to you, and who holds you accountable to YOUR dreams & aspirations. Imagine a relationship with someone who has no other agenda than commit to YOUR growth & success. Someone who sees your potential, believes in you, and can help you break free of the self-limiting thoughts that have been sabotaging your success until now.

Your results only reflect your current awareness of your potential, which is why a coach looks at your potential, as opposed to your current performance. As I heard from one of my coaches: “You’re not an empty glass that we need to fill with information, knowledge and ideas. You’re a seed, or an acorn, that has all the potential WITHIN to grow into a beautiful flower or an oak tree, just as long as the right conditions are provided for that growth’’. That’s where the coach comes in – to provide those conditions for you, by asking those explorative questions that will raise your conscious awareness. Once aware, you can then manage, and improve those behaviours at the conscious level, and get the results you’re striving for.

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