About Me

A registered teacher with a whole education career behind me, I now thrive on helping others get unstuck, and tap into their limitless potential.  What really fuels me is noticing the spark in someone’s eyes as the level of awareness arises, and as hope starts setting in. I am living proof that you can get to that highest place of well being, where you feel fulfilled, content, joyous & free. How did I get there? I saved myself!! I am so grateful for what I’ve learned on my journey, that I’ve made it my mission in life to help YOU save yourself!! I get my clients to undertake what I myself dared to do: a voyage within... 

I started my career path as a School Teacher, teaching various assignments, at various levels, to various ethnicities, in various cities. I took on leading roles, and eventually was teaching & coaching inmates in a federal penitentiary. After many years of overcoming life’s challenges, I was enlightened to a new level of awareness of what really matters in life. I had found myself stuck, lost, unhappy, and empty. It’s at that turning point that I started searching for meaning and purpose.

I’ve been studying personal growth & development while on a healing journey from a tumultuous past for years, and it’s as an independent consultant & trainer that I discovered my true passion: getting others to have an "experience", or a "Aha moment". From that heightened level of awareness, willingness to change suddenly appears. I just love to watch clients improve at what they’re newly working on, and reap the benefits of growth.

I have also studied Leadership Development with the largest leadership company in the world to become a certified coach and member of the John Maxwell Team. I specialize in self-leadership, meaning I coach people how to lead themselves to become WHO they need to be, in order to get to WHERE they want to be. The transformation happens by raising awareness, and discovering the resourcefulness that’s within all of us. Intention then turns into action, and that’s what creates meaningful change.

As a certified Hypnotism Practitioner with the internationally recognized National Guild of Hypnotists, and a certified HypnoCoach®, I take coaching to a higher level by HypnoCoaching® my clients, and getting them direct access to the subconscious mind. This is where lie all limiting beliefs and limiting habits that may be hindering success. I am a certified 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist, and a member of the 5-PATH® International Association of Hypnosis Professionals. I use hypnosis as a healing modality, can get straight to the root cause of my clients’ issues if necessary, and rid them of whatever is blocking them from achieving their goals despite their best efforts. I am also a certified 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® teacher. I personally use self-hypnosis, as it is the best body-mind-soul antivirus there is. It is definitely a catalyst for healing, human development, and the realization of higher potential.

Together, lets get you that blissful life and sensation of well being you so well deserve!

Until then, LOVE YOURSELF! 


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