The term HypnoCoaching® is self-explanatory. It’s a synergistic approach that has coaching and hypnosis working together to create a better final outcome. The process blends the use of coaching with the use of hypnotic and neurolinguistic tools to help clients achieve more than they could have ever imagined. 

The two complement each other really well, and it greatly boosts your results by going deeper into your inner self, and creating changes that will really stick.

Coaching provides growth conditions for you, by reflecting on those explorative questions that raise your conscious awareness, and engaging your cognitive mind. Once aware, you can then manage, and improve those behaviours at the conscious level, and are now empowered to dig into your own resourcefulness to get the results you’re striving for. HypnoCoaching® is a process that will get you to those results and beyond more easily, more quickly, and more effectively than coaching alone. HypnoCoaching® includes specific tools such as Personal Core Values, Life Alignement, Greater Goals™, Action Plans, Discovery Decision Grid™, and the HypnoCoach®Success & Happiness Formula™. The methods of the HypnoCoach® process include the use of both the conscious and subconscious processes to help people transform their dreams into their reality. 

Coaching alone can propel you in the right direction for sure, BUT, we are human, and humans sometimes fall off track, for various reasons. To make the changes you’re working on more sustainable, then we need a little more than just awareness. The permanent changes happen at the subconscious level, and that’s why I use HypnoCoaching® to accelerate the process, and make the results long lasting.

HypnoCoaching® takes the whole thing to a higher level. Because hypnosis allows bypassing the critical factor, it gives immediate access to the subconscious mind. Since this is where beliefs and habits are formed, the changes YOU want to create can be anchored at that level, creating more sustainable changes, and much more powerful results. Of course, hypnosis also allows the removal of any blockages preventing you from expanding, and therefore preventing you, unconsciously, from tapping into your awesomeness.